Advertising Ideas 2017: Learn More About Influencer Marketing

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With the advent of advanced digital technologies sprang influencer marketing, the latest craze advertising idea focusing on using key leaders in driving the message of a brand or product and services to a larger market. Instead of marketing directly to your target audience or a large group of consumers, influencer marketing involves inspiring, hiring or paying influencers to spread the word for you. Influencer marketing is usually integrated with two forms of marketing which are content marketing and social media marketing. Social media is used as an influential medium to promote or endorse your product or brand through the influencers’ social media accounts. Other influencers create contents through blogs and articles on their own websites, influencing their readers or fans to try a product or a service.

Influencer marketing at differs from word of mouth and advocate marketing. Influencer marketing is driven by influencer campaigns whereas word of mouth marketing involves the actual act of communication with or without the action of an influencer. Advocate marketing focuses on giving an incentive or encouraging current loyal customers to share their insights and feelings about loving and endorsing your product, whereas influencer marketing is more focused on finding influencers which are not necessarily existing customers to promote or spread the word of your brand. Advocate marketing drives brand loyalty while influencer marketing drives brand awareness.

There are components of influencer marketing which include identification of product influencers or key brand manually or through an influencer marketing platform; creating marketing strategies that target influencers; creating secondary marketing campaigns for influencers to be able to drive a greater awareness to your target audience; and tracking key metrics that relate to brand awareness, reach and sales.The different influencer marketing strategies to create brand awareness include brand mentions or promoting products in a casual manner, product reviews, encouraging sharing and contests targeting rewards for sharing. Social media is used to make a brand viral through likes, shares, and hashtags, thus achieving brand awareness. Get youtube subscribers here!

If you are an agency or a brand, and you are interested in running influencer campaigns, just feel free to view our website or contact us directly. Indeed, influencer marketing is the number one choice of top brands for increasing their exposure and in getting connected with potential customers in a larger and wider base. Again, the primary goal of influencer marketing is brand awareness, and when consumers are aware of your product or service, then other marketing measures would be effective.For more facts and information regarding influencer marketing, you can go to


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